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About Us: The Rabbis and Rebbetzins
Chabad of Coral Springs is blessed with two dynamic leaders.  Rabbi Yossie Denburg and his wife Rivka were sent to South Florida in 1986 to enliven the Coral Springs Jewish community through the development of a Hebrew Day School (Hebrew Academy) and a synagogue.  At the time his family made up nearly the entire Jewish population of this ever-expanding city.  Due to his tireless effort (and an influx of Jewish families from the North), Rabbi Denburg soon shared responsibilities with his brother-in-law Rabbi Avraham Friedman and his wife Rebbetzin Chanie Friedman. Rabbi Friedman assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director of the Chabad, and together, these men have brought Jewish life and light to a community that currently numbers in the thousands.
Chabad of Coral Springs has a fantastic reputation as being not just a synagogue, but also an extended family.  The Rabbis and Rebbetzins lead by example and the example they have shown is that they truly care about their congregants.  Their success is likely due to the way they are able to mold together both the religious as well as the social.  At Chabad of Coral Springs, nobody is judged and everyone is welcome!